Tuesday, 11 September 2007

( nr. 33 ) People, Places and History.... Mining industry is closely related to politics. Donetsk is a mining town. Previously known as Youzovka - YOUZ would be a Russian (dialect) pronounciation of HUGHS (family from Britain) - a foreign industrial investor.
Gosport town has a part called ELSON. It reminds me of a Russian paper writing years ago, that Mr. Boris Yeltsin has had his name slightly adjusted from El-tson or El-son, whatever that might mean, if true.
It baffled me years ago to discover, that the so-called TWINNING CITIES often had no real logic or connection to be 'twinned'. Whereas names of people and places just might explain a lot of history.
Going to Portsmouth for an Open Day at an accountancy firm.

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