Thursday, 13 September 2007

(nr. 35 ) Terror 24/7 ? TONG in CHEEK 'analogy' for the current lingo-concepts-names, such as 24/7, "We The People", Women's Equal's Rights/Leaderships, Team Work and Odessa.
From "Assasinations -the politics of murder" by Linda Laucella:

" In August 1879, leaders of the militant group Narodnaya Volya (The Will of the People) set their plan in motion. They divided into two groups, disguised themselves as shopkeepers, and rented two buildings along the railway route traveled by the czar. By day they established businesses, by night they dug tunnels and planted explosives along the railway tracks. On November 18 two death traps had been prepared. The second, insurance if their first assassination attempt failed, was twenty-four hours down the railway line, where they were prepared to attack again.
As the czar's train approached the first death trap, members of the Narodnaya Volya waited for the signal from their respected leader, Andrei Zhelyabov, a born serf who was educated at the University of Odessa on a scholarship. The train rolled into position and the signal was given, but the explosives failed to detonate. Although Zhelyabov and his conspirators were disappointed, they sent word to commander Sophia Perovskaya at the backup death trap."
There is an unofficial 'theory' that V.I.Lenin was adopted as a child by the Inspector of Education Ulyanov's family, when his father (from Odessa) was sent to prison/exile.
On a Dutch there is a BIJLMOORD word in the news. Reminds one of BIJLMERMEER (?) - the place near Amsterdam where EL-AL aiplane had crashed years ago - a veritable 911 for Holland.

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