Monday, 3 September 2007

( nr. 27 ) Spam has appeared in my "... 11 May " topic on Expatica after I mentioned the "24/7 scandal" - read my post nr. 25 here about ' innovative teacher', Cheryl Heron. Our MP Peter Viggers is very much 'part' of the project.

Spam probably was removed from the "Pedo party ?! " topic (by avsie) , as I have a notification by e-mail about a response (to my post Sat. Sept. 1 : British - the root of the problem ?) , but nothing is there (NB the "empty pages" have appeared again in that thread - I posted on page 18, and pp. 19-21 are "empty").

Has Paul Baird received my e-mail ? His guest-book did not work when I tried to post there.
His website:

Are BRITISH the root of the problem ? As I wrote earlier, I begin to suspect just that.
In other words I 'feel' I 'understand enough'...
By the way, Gosport (God's Port) had a historic nick-name: Turk-town. (I listened to "Unmasking the British" this morning). Incidentally, there was a Boris Johnson's look-alike the day I posted on my CultureLogic site ref him and our MP (just for the record).

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