Friday, 5 October 2007

(nr.52) The Gosport Job Centre PLUS notes so far:
1. I received (last Sat.) a copy of "Action Plan"created by S SIMPSON (GOS) MRS on 23.05.2007 mentioning 'Attend Gateway course' , which needs completion and my signature (a date 27.09.2007 at the bottom). Ref. my request for my files.

2. The letter (dated 26th Sept.2007) I was given by S. Simpson, signed by her and on behalf of (pp. ?) Sharon Baird, begins with: A doubt has arisen ....
The next day I came twice to collect :
a) ESL48 form, which should have been enclosed, but wasn't,
b) JSAL5JP that actually 'gives more details', which they did not/could not find
'upstairs or online'.

3. The interview I attended yesterday in Fareham was arranged by Gosport JCP (I received the letter the day before yesterday) with the Brook Street agency staff and I am waiting to hear from them. Meanwhile I visited the website and registered there (yet to receive confirmation if any).

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