Friday, 12 October 2007

(nr. 58 ) Porsche 911-GT2 is launched in Stuttgart next month (from German Expatica News). It has extra 300 hp compared with the 1970s 911 Turbo.
On a user level, the website design (Expatica one example) that is 'emerging' to the annoyance of many, can be described as a Mutant Octopus with some hidden tenticles.
As for the lecture on Nuclear Power sustainability yesterday in Portsmouth, I agree with the listener (with a French accent), who questioned the trivialization of nuclear hazards, which is what I think it was.
And one can see the true color of the Greens and also of the local branch of the Friends of the Earth (my personal verdict).
And, since the lecture slides included a photo of Mr. Roman Abramovich (with an 'everybody wants to be rich' line), that reminds one about Mr. Litvinenko and the British media's graphic presentation of his sufferings.
The language was 'radiation poisoning', whereas usually we distiguish between 'poison(ing)' and radioactive contamination/sickness.
And why is it all forgotten (?) about Mr. Berezovsky's claim, that it was KGB/Mr. Putin.
And so much was written about a strong friendship between R. Abramovich and Mr. Putin.
And all this, as a plucky teenager, interviewed by the BBC on youth crime put it, -


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