Tuesday, 16 October 2007

(nr. 60 ) Banks vs Police: there was smth. in British media a few months ago about banks 'taking over' handling (credit-) bank fraud, although I can't remember all details. Here is my experience: I used my Barclay card last Saturday Oct. 6. Monday morning (8 Oct.) I came to ask if I might have left it in the Cash machine. They double-checked and said 'no'. Since no money was withdrawn, I felt positive it was at home. On Thursday morning 11 Oct. I cancelled it by tel. from the Barclay High Street branch. The new card was in my post Fri/Sat, despite the Postal strike. Yesterday morning I had a letter (dated Mon. Oct. 8) in my post box from Gosport Police station (Property Officer) informing me that .... "Property ....(namely a Barclays bank card) has been recovered and may be claimed by you ...within 28 days ". It turned out a member of public found it in the street. However, the Police ( Andy Gallagher) apologised to me because he destroyed my card by mistake that very day in the morning. He explained, that when they contact the bank in question, they practically always receive an instruction to destroy the card(s), but in my case the bank asked them to send the card to me and provided my address. They never told me that.
THE GOSPORT library IT network is down today till 17.00. I am in Portsmouth now.
What a way to discredit ROSS PEROT so soon, calling him 'David Rockefeller's friend', who 'was used ... to make sure W.R.Clinton was installed ':

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