Thursday, 18 October 2007

(nr. 62 ) RED: cross, line, diamond... I noticed the Red Rombus ('diamond') on the Isle of Wight Ferry logo the other day. Did they change Red Cross into Red Diamond? Is the Red Cross now called Red Diamond? Crazy, isn't it ?
Just some sample from the Dictionaries (Historical and Underworld):
red(-)liner. ca1840-80.... 'The Red Liners, as we calls the Medicity officers, who goes about in disguise as gentlemen, to take up poor boys caught begging' ...
red cross. An English ship: nautical coll: C.17.Smith, 1626.
* red line,the. Prostitution: white-slave traffic:
* red cross or Red Cross. Morphine [ White Cross - Cocaine ]
red light, v. To kick (a person) out of a moving train: ... the practice originated in order to cheat circus labourers and other roustabouts out of their wages. ... The ejection is made after the gullible victim has been 'taken to the rear platform "to fix the rear light". ...

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