Wednesday, 31 October 2007

(nr. 71 ) Mad Women - this topic was discussed on the web some FIVE years ago.

Mrs. Tracy Blackburn traces the problem to the offset of the First World War and writes:
" ... the decision making concerning all social issues is now been left to (mad) women..."

Mrs. Jean Butterworth points the decline of nuclear family to Thatcherism years.
She names 'lowlife' Lady Butler-Sloss and Lady Justice Hale and recalls a Daily Mail article
(7 yrs ago at the time) on 'Justice Hale true backgrounds'.
Equal Opportunities Commission was set in 1976 ... Some 4 years later members and Chair were overwhelmingly female. "... sexism in reverse e.g.: .... women in the UK earn 19% less than men, - what they really mean, is per head of working population doing different jobs, and not the same jobs, as they want you to believe. ....

... Since the late seventies ... both Tory and Labour ... will only listen to big business, while sidelining the wishes of the majority. If this is not bad enough, within all 3 parties they all have elected gays and radical feminists MPs in very influential positions. ... Most radical feminists responsible for all maddening social and anti-heterosexual male policies, are to be found within the Front Bench, the government's Women's Unit and the Ministry for Women, all who form part of the Cabinet Office."
There is quite a bit of 'equality for women!' demands lately in the media and from local politicians.

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