Monday, 3 December 2007

(nr. 96 ) NEW WEEKLY postings - I shall post 'weekly' rather than daily (5 times a week) till further notice. To be flexible, I shall indicate each time the day of my next post and post earlier if desired. Numbering helps. Next post planned Monday, 10 December.
Further to my analysis of JobCentrePLUS experiences ( which affected many local people), I tend to conclude, that ENFORCED CRIMINALISATION or RECRUITMENT must have been taking place. What would people in dire stress/want do?
Was it Peter Hain who recently (?) negotiated peace/disarmament in Ireland? It sounded as if there were no more usual arguments and friction.
- since some people see, hear or 'know' too much too soon, I now amuse myself when I comment or make a remark and watch (out) for their reaction. And react they do! It's part of my observe and experiment.
First, I noticed people knew what they were not supposed to know and were stupid enough to reveal that - back in Holland.
Here there was a practically comical situation, when smb. 'heard' me saying (generally) :
" ... those old prostitutes!" took it personally and decided to 'disprove it'. Others 'surfaced' after I exclaimed (outside) : Gomo-sovetikusy chertovy! They actually misunderstand a lot, especially if foreign languages are spoken. Easy to take Micky out of.
Oh, yes! Not a funny "experiment" - a few months ago. Downstairs in the library there was a group of people (may be from a psychiatric place) with one person making uncontrollable body movements. The same scene I observed in the airport 2 years ago, discussed with people (Santa Claus in Basingstoke, etc.) So, having walked upstairs half-way, I turned back, walked BETWEEN the 'pendulum' and a woman 'prof' who was the guide and stopped abruptly between them. THE PENDULUM STOPPED !

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