Monday, 25 February 2008

(nr 110 ) Paul Kernaghan - Chief Constable of Hampshire:
So many if not a majority of top government officials and polititians start with a Law degree, and not only in UK.
Some news/headlines from the local paper Daily Echo in Southampton ( ) :
"Hampshire - the opium poppy capital of the UK" by Andy Tate today, and two stories from the 21 st Feb issue - another super-giant architecture project on the British South coast called Solar Piramid (after laser blue beam in Southampton, etc.) and "MP outraged over Mann's extradition" - Dr Julian Lewis, New Forest East MP fights for human rights of the Old Etonian Mr Mann, arrested in 2004 in Harare with 66 other alleged mercenaries.
While following links from Masonic history, I came across local (almost) withcraft characters, linking to Aleister Crowley - Old George, who established a total of nine hereditary covens - in Norfolk, Essex,Hertfordshire, Sussex and Hampshire.
Wrong parking: S-44-YLV wed.20 Feb. and HN-51-GHG Sat. 23 Feb.
Next post tomorrow - 26 Feb.

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