Friday, 29 February 2008

(nr 114 ) Brainy History - the events of today:

Controversial or questionable architecture in the Gosport Library includes toilets, the fence around child care area, bookshelves, etc.

The article in The News of yesterday "Warning to check locks after spree of burglaries" highlights locking of doors, but not windows.
In 2003 (?) I accidentally locked myself out of the Woolston Court apartment (Jenny and her husband of Churcher Close became good samaritans that evening) and made a guess, which turned out to be surprisingly, true.
THE WINDOWS! From a half-open position, by turning the window handle an extra 90 degrees, one can open the window fully (!), that is, without first shutting it and then opening it differently.
Doing it from outside shoudn't be difficult.

Three articles on the CRISIS in EDUCATION today in The Independent:
My next post Monday, 3 March, 2008.

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