Thursday, 13 March 2008

( nr 118 ) Teddy Bear again .... There was a topic on Expatica and one MIKEYT Expatica participant plus TY.COM soft toy company in Gosport. I also wondered about the real meaning of Teddy Boy phenomenon after one Radio 4 programme, reporting, that after the ww2 (50s?) there was a conflict between Teddy Boys and Bikers (?).
Oh yes !! via search on this website a reference can be found to the history of Teddy Bear smth. Masonic Charity in UK.
( I insert this after publishing this post).

"Teddy" it seems, is a reference to the USA president T. Roosevelt:

The link to "Prostitution is the least of Eliot Spitzer's Crimes" on is blocked - "error (111) connection refused".

I have made a small correction to my post 117 (yesterday).
Next post on Thursday, 20 March (or earlier, if I find smth. interesting).

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