Friday, 28 March 2008

(nr 121 ) - "The Russians: How They Live and Work" by W.H.Parker 1973 (0 7153 5984 3) -
"During the 1960s modifications to the system [planning] which allow much greater scope to the individual factory management were cautiously introduced.
.... These changes are known as the new economic reform in the Soviet Union, but abroad they are often termed the 'Liberman reforms' as they were first advocated by a Russian economist of that name.
.... During the course of the 1971-5 five-year plan the organisation of the Soviet economy is being transformed by the introduction of the computerised system and the application of economic-mathematical methods. Although Russia has lagged behind the Western world in the use of computers, she will be the first country to use them for the direction of the national economy."

And, to illustrate the point I made in my post nr 46 (27 Sept. 2007) this rather comprehensive book makes no mention of the LEGALIZATION of SODOMY and SEX EDUCATION of CHILDREN as part of the 1917 LENIN/TROTSKY's revolution and no mention of Stalin reversing that 'legalisation'.
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