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( nr 125 ) LENIN, ARYANISM, etc. -
From " LENIN" ( MEN OF DESTINY ) by James Maxton (A Collection distributed by Heron Books, Published by arrangement with Peter Davies Ltd., no year indicated, must have been written in 1930s):
" But standing out above all the scientific reasons, economic and and historical, above the poets and writers, dwarfing everything and every one, is the man Lenin, interpreter of Russia, liberator of Russia, inspirer and initiator of the New Russia. To large masses of common people the world over he stands, not merely as the Russian liberator and the founder of a New Russia, but as the pioneer of a new world order which, having resolved the economic difficulties that confront the nations today, will usher in the age of plenty and give to all mankind that free and abundant life which has till now been only a dream."
".... In August 1918 he had been shot by the Social Revolutionary, Dora Kaplan. He took a bare three weeks in the country to recover from his wound, and returned to his desk again."
From "First Russia, then Tibet" by Robert Byron (Penguin 1985 from 1933):
" .... the majority of those who enjoy the real power in Russia to-day are men who spent their early lives hunted from pillar to post by the Tsarist Okhrana; they were imprisoned; they were sent to Siberia; and the old spirit of suspicion and revanche still lives in them. Lenin and Trotsky were different. They too may have harboured these feelings. But their constructive energy outweighed them."
OXFORD DICTIONARY, sixth ed.(1980 print):
Aryan - 1. Indo-European; Indo-Iranian.
2. of the parent language ... (improp., esp. in Nazi Germany) non-Jewish German. [f. Skr aryas - noble ... ]
England can not be found in the Oxford Dictionary. 'Englander' - one opposed to British imperial policy. Russia - a type of a leather. No Scotland, but there is a 'Scotland Yard' entry.
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