Wednesday, 30 April 2008

(nr 127 ) Congressional records 1938-1945 missing ?
The new Gosport Library is actually renamed Discovery Centre.
The word 'library' may be abolished soon(?). The shelves are low, because disabled people need "access". I was told, that there were 'criteria' for choosing, which books were 'to go' - the record of lending: how recent (or frequent?). Unbelievable.
Years ago there was a rumor that libraries in the USSR were plundered
during perestroika (aka Change/Restructuring).
One internet Congressional record of Aug.1940 from Jordan Maxwell website:
the other day I heard "... incest is legal in France " - ?!!! The Austrian horror incest case is reported as " ... charges of rape and imprisonment are to be brought ...." What about charges of incest ?
IMO, there is smth. unprofessional (?) about the news (as reported) from the Austrian village - i.e. officials' statements seem too optimistic and rash(ed).
We have Gosport Borough Council elections tomorrow. From 5 political parties in Town area there are five candidates: Burns Adam Dickson Ewens (con), Haines Harry Cecil(green), Harris Christine Mary(UK ind), Searle Diane(lab) and Simpson Cyril Richard John (lib-dem).
London shall elect new Mayor.
Wrong parking: RF-06-SXX Sat.26 April, LC-53-HWN Sunday, 27 April.
Next post on Monday, 5 May (or earlier).

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