Saturday, 31 May 2008

( nr 133 ) "Team" work and propensity is not just a promotion of collectivism. Project teams, for example, have little to do with the recent trend of "team work". It is a poor cover for an astounding lack of a management structure and inherent responsibilities. There is a structure, of course, which for some reason is not open or transparent.
Secondly, recent and not so recent legislation has made it impossible for independent specialists or small businesses to operate. One has/must be sub-contracted by a middle-man or one of the mushrooming (middle-) agencies. The very word SELF-EMLOYMENT is being censored out, as well as being CHRISTIAN, which is a significant factor nowadays.
Another point is that BRITISH EMPLOYERS can refuse (or are allowed to) to write a
"TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN" letter (however simple) to an outgoing employee and proceed to give a negative/malicious references by telephone.
An amazing presentation was made a year ago to American CEOs.
Read this (often bizarre) text (esp. "4." which comes up twice) , which is very revealing:
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