Saturday, 21 June 2008

( nr 139 ) UFO sightings in UK ? Well, by now I think most people realize, that the "aliens" and their crafts are pretty much a creation of the same "team" of psycho-scientists, human(+animal) breeders, etc. And by the way, the creations of human breeding labs may very well be not just little monsters, but handsome, very very tall, with a special shade of colour - just like thoroughbreds (spelling to check), which may produce "shock and awe" in a dumbed down and junk food fed populace. The Blue Beam and holographic sky-video may be part of the show.
Food for thought:
Psychopathic Groups and Distorted Definitions by Brent Jessop:

The Principle of Equality and the Fact of Inequality from the report by Julian Huxley in 1946 (his proposal for UNESCO):
Soviet lingo: PLAN PO USPEVAEMOSTI - plan/targets of what the grades and marks in secondary school exams should be. A nightmare for teachers, although, at the time, the system was still strong. I am probably not well qualified to judge, as for many years, I was oblivious to the fact, that I went to a (senior) secondary school 710 in Moscow(also school-laboratory number 1 of Russian Academy of Pedagogical Sciences), where they taught an advanced and experimental curriculum, different from the mainstream. It seems, the school existed for a short time only. There were 3 departments: Physics-Mathematics, Chemistry-Biology and Humanities. There was an interesting difference between psychologies, mentalities and 'behaviours' of students and teachers in the 3 departments. Having said that, the selection might have played some role.
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