Thursday, 26 June 2008

(nr 141) "No EU - Common Purpose: EU's 5th Column in UK: Brian Gerrish Presentation" - Google video link:

Did the "meditation" yesterday last about 25 minutes ?!... Well, I did not sleep well last night and had a nasty dream. As usual, men ( esp. psychologists) are more outspoken. I would not have come out with the HYPNOSIS word first.
On Expatica Forum someone came up with CP=PC (CP for computer) and I objected, as we have enough confusion already.
CP(SU) - Communist Party (of the Soviet Union). We hear huge funds are yet to be traced.
Back in 1997 (?) I found an article in Holland about a surprisingly good attendance by the 2 anti-western Russian parties - Communist and LDPR (V. Zhirinovski) of the EU meetings (observer status). The pro-western/democratic parties were not there as often.
Communism, not to forget, was forged in Switzerland and England and exported Eastwards.
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