Monday, 8 September 2008

( nr 162 ) Recent news items that sounded once only: British Depleted Uranium and Torture Camp in Poland (Staro-
A very interesting Profile on Alaister Darling and Prof. Zimbardo's interview.
The role of enviromental pollution and chemicals in obesity enters big media.
Some names (old and new) in Dr.Kelly's death saga: Mai Pederson, Attorney General Baroness Scotland, Lord Hutton. Did the BBC journalist to whom Dr.Kelly spoke last reveal what Dr. Kelly had told him?
If I am not mistaken, there was a report (by W. Madsen?) about Dr.Kelly's colleague (a Russian/Ukrainian name .... ) who died suspiciously and had his death not announced early).
Is there a possibility that Dr.Kelly's mother was 'suicided' ? I always wondered about Stalin's wife. Re: family/generation lines.
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