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( nr 168 ) The role of female/male sodomites in world hisory is yet to be made public. It seems to be one of the most censored subjects. Their tactics and strategies are anything but simple.

From articles on the :
... 1955 - first (?) lesbian organization rises on waves of militant struggles
... DOB - Daughters of Bilitis was founded on Sept.21,1955 in San Francisco
... Red Scare + Lavender Scare
... more large scale, same-sex, somewhat anonymous social interaction
... in 1533, as England's church split with Rome. King Henry VIII had made "buggery" -synonymous with"sodomy" - a capital offence punishable by hanging.
... The British imported the concept of "sodomy" (in colonial Iraq) in order to outlaw it.

What about still understated (censored ?) fact that Russian 1917 Revolution legalised sodomy. free sex/marriage and sex education of children (with a woman, one Prof.Shmidt planning special hotel-like buildings or "classrooms" for practical sex tuition) and that STALIN had reversed this legislation, that Beria was a paedophile, who snatched boys and girls from the streets of Moscow? Beria was tried by Stalin as a British spy.
Child Snatching is Kid Napping.
To what extent are Secret Services run by female/male sodomites (body or soul) ?

The so-called S-theater is rather psychopathic and daft, but also a template of behaviours and situations I have seen in Holland, Russia, etc.
Tavistock in Britain, SHAPE in the Hague .... . Many events may/should be re-examined, as dots tend to connect, that is when we have enough dots in space and in time.
Just wondering....
Both Vincent Pennock (should check the spelling of his name) and I, at the time, dismissed as an oddity what happenned at the one-day international conference in Rotterdam, to which he'd invited me.
Galina Starovoitova, who was killed/assasinated shortly thereafter, to our surprise, greeted me (I never met her) and ignored him (he knew her). When I tried to talk to her later, she was aloof and avoided communication. I did talk to others - Russian and Chechen women from Soldiers' Mothers organisation that day.
What I was surprised (fleetingly) at that day was the demeanor and vibes of the group of Dutch women (spooks?) who Vincent talked to.
Could it be, that he was also 'set up', or 'did not know' or was 'told to' ?...
Still a puzzle an unwanted introduction to a Russian Jewish baby-sitter in the neighbourhood, who worked for the Hague Casino couple and came up too fast with the idea of her family coming to visit, etc.
The first time an open or direct approach from the Secret (rotten) Services to me was made on my first visit to Moscow from Lagos. I was asked to spy and inform on Olga Patta, which I refused to do, just as I declined to become an informer on all subsequent occasions with Dutch, British and American spooks. I told the story/stories to friends on many occasions.
They all work together in my opinion. Kay Griggs says the same.

The role of women in all this rot is yet to be investigated.
Next post next Wednesday, 1 October.

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