Thursday, 20 November 2008

( nr 184 ) Extensive coverage in the media as from 14 November of the Baby P (from Haringey, London) case - 17 months old boy, who died after months of horrific abuse, needs some summary reflection at a later date.
Apparently, Gosport is not the only place, where cruelty and abuse are so rampant.
Watch out for the the so-called innovation (?) - a UK electric plug, in which the EARTH pin is PLASTIC. The electrostatics and my CD interrupted playing was apparently due to this innovation.
As for the reported Silent Sound communications via NEUTRAL wire ( a rmn forum post with further links: ... 136039) it may be part of hasty and scandalous experimentation in order to switch to 'only digital' next February(?). The radio, apart from foreign stations being blocked, has ( increasingly) too much of noise, which, however, often 'removes itself'. Back in Holland a noise from an electric cupboard was noticeable at home. And in UK I was advised and realised myself, that not only one needs to switch appliances off, but actually switch off the master switches or pull plugs out. Curiously, I also noticed a confusion due to an 'innovative' design (back in 2002), whereby an appliance may be ON 'standby' fashion automatically via plug in the socket.
A couple of times table row with computers on it (middle floor of the Gosport library) would go noisily vibrant for minutes, whatever experiments were going on.
I noticed considerable differences in content and volume between English and Russian WIKI texts. Example: Boris Berezovski. Earlier, I noticed some more extensive russian versions on some Russian sites, whereas years earlier, russian business and government sites used to give a more comprehensive content, including contact details on the English language versions.
Why is St.Matthews Court, a residential block in Gosport, on a tourist map ? (see my recent post nr 180 )
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