Monday, 23 February 2009

( nr 196 ) The scans from 1969 AO booklet: The Transsibirian Twist ... alas, cannot be scanned at the moment, because the scanner does not work today.
The money still not in my account. Totton BDC says Gosport DID NOT SEND the usual authorisation/confirmation of my attendance at the Gosport Job Centre.
The Gosport JCP now says they did but have a computer hitch, which is UNUSUAL, they said.
To the pile of letters and e-mails I'd sent since 6 January (ALL UNANSWERED) shall be added a lettter to the JCP Manager MRS BAIRD today.
My next appointment is Wed. 25 Feb. at about 16.20 with S.Vernon.
Next post Monday 2 March or earlier.

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