Tuesday, 9 June 2009

( nr 217 ) My conjectures from recent posts about Golitsyn - Shelepin/Voronezh - S-Symphony - CCTV 3-D tracking/harassment/MC+ and the 'division of labor' in S-Joint have led straight to important discoveries very close to home.
Search for "Gosport Voronezh" leads to high-tech defence cooperation in "anti-terrorist" gadgetry: SOZVEZDIE.SU and QinetiQ with one branch in HASLAR Gosport. See 3 scans above.
I might as well say that Brian Gerrish experience (construct/impersonation) had a non-English flavour. There was a cosmopolitan admix. On the eve of the "Congress" (which I wrote I could not attend) someone insistently knocked on my door at about 10.20 pm. It never happened before or after that. There was a suggestion that there are "very nice people" in my area whom "I should meet".
Internationale scam. Scum training/ lumpen-proletariat groomed, empowered and intensively "trained".
Shelepin came from KOMSOMOL leader ranks. World Federation of Democratic Youth was registered in London 10 November 1945. HQ in Budapest (?). http://www.wfdy.org/
Voronezh in Russian Wikipedia (printable) is 39 pages long.
The International Youth Festival in Moscow in 1957 is described as an event leading to Children of Festival born in 1958. There is no way IMO that instant contacts (love/sex/perversion?) in 1957 could have happened spontaniously. There must have been entrapment/blackmail. Blackmail then or at a later stage.
Zoya Kosmodemianskaya story echoes WW2 British Security sending young women to their sure death ref: Tim Sebastian interview of Leo Marks (sp?)
I have placed 3 more letters on my website http://www.open-letter-doc-gaa-001.blogspot.com/

( in CV+cont. and Conference+ files ) - letter from Shell in Dutch (change of policy on use of translation agencies and not independent translators) and 1985 correspondence with Brighton MP before going to Montreal Canada for a Solar Energy Congress.


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