Friday, 26 February 2010

( nr 249 ) First Soviet television sets were ZENIT and RUBIN (?).
From Keesings's Contemporary Archives No.1058 Vol.IX for 1952 - 1954:

July 1952: "Eden Plan" for Liaison between Council of Europe and the E.D.C. and Schuman Plan Organizations approved.

August 1954: NIGERIA - Ban on Communist Literature .... incl. World Federation of Trade Unions.

February 1953: AUSTRALIA - Commercial TV proposed by National Postmaster General Mr. Antony and approved.

February 1953: Soviet Union breaks off diplomatic relations with Israel after bomb incident in Soviet Legation in Tel-Aviv.
Going to Yorkshire 28 Feb. - 5 March 2010.
PS (27 feb.) : Was the first Soviet TV model called KVN ? In Russian letters it's KBH.
Same acronym was used/misused for a University Challenge ( Jeremy Paxman) type of programme, which has quickly deteriorated (KVN for Klub Veselyh i Nahodchivyh).
What KVN for TV stood for I don't know.

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