Tuesday, 28 September 2010

( nr 274 ) Kay Griggs and Trinity Church Gosport - scans above.
The page above from the Trinity Church Gosport brochure has a photo typically obscuring/cutting the Star of David on top. Two people from the Church gave me their names and e-mail addresses and promised to find out, but to no avail (?) ... .
What I did hear on September 9 is: the Christ is a Jew, there was a display of a triangle on altar with a suggestion of "trinity" and a suggestion that it was actually a ... lightning conductor (!) , but the man broke off in mid-sentence and looked away. The was also a suggestion that it was a wish of some 'sea farers' who were sponsors. The date of the erection of the Star of David replacing the cross was given as either 100 years ago or 100 years after the (re)construction of the Church.
Their history booklet DOES NOT (!) mention this fact. WHY ?!
The Cross is a symbol of Retribution and Punishment for Sin, Crimes and Vice.
Who would like to destroy that symbol ?
PsyOp ... BlackOp ... Psychological Operations ... NATO ....
Kay Griggs interviews are a powerful expose of satanic engineering (Old Evil !) which turn men into a danger to women and children. They kill those men, who want to protect children. This evil would not have been possible without Evil Women, whom Kay Griggs refers to as ' bad .. very bad ! '. Those women are a danger to men and children.
My comment to a post at RMN forum did appear:
www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=183548 and the hits number - 1100 is much higher than I expected.
Some time ago a schoolboy about 12-14 years old, puffy face, with an earring, who got on a bus opposite Bay House School in Gosport, said angrily: I hate women ! I hate all women !!!
His friend's advice was: Just say NO to everything she says !

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