Friday, 2 November 2007

( nr. 73 ) Lloyds TSB letter (from yesterday) - I went first to the Bank office on High Street yesterday and then to the Post Office. In both places there was a relactance to see the letter ( a thick A5 ) going astray as worthy of complaint or investigation ( Oh, don't worry! It's just a mistake, etc.).
In the post Office when my turn came, the woman attended to me BUT DID NOT TURN THE NUMBER of her DESK ON. To keep my enquiry off record ?
Another example of how they act-react-know too quickly.
On the day S. Simpson quite suddenly and quickly stopped my allowance 'pending investigation' I walked from the JobCentrePLUS to the Library round the corner. As I walked into the library, two women at the reception looked at me with such strong expression of empathy, sadness and understanding on their faces as could be expressed non-verbally. I think wrote about it in Kathaksung's topic on Expatica. Then, I suggested that they (not really 'knowing') were doing -2,-1,0,+1,+2 programmed 'acting'. What really emerges is that the S-theater has a much larger cast, perhaps ONE CAST albeit in different rooms or outside.
I can't afford going to London this weekend. As my next paperwork task is writing an Appeal about one week deduction of JSA (which entails corresponding deduction of housing subsidy and council tax) and writing (separately) a complaint about JSPlus personnel behaviour, the latest strange 'uncertainty' with the Recruitment Fair(/ tickets ) fits into 'strange' (jsp staff said just that) e-mails I started receiving from(via) TopLanguageJobs web agency website (Umer Sheikh et. al.) right after Steph Simpson expressed doubt about my job search report, i.e. whether I faked it (!) and promised to 'certainly check'.

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