Monday, 5 November 2007

(nr. 74 ) Putin/elections - on a BBC World the other day a very brief and 'assertive' prediction of Putin's party winning - 'it is not a question of who, but by how much'. Did not say whose prediction it is. A new style of broadcasting?
Fanya Kaplan - a young woman terrorist ( of SR - socialist revolutionaries) who shot and wounded V.Lenin on 30 August 1918. In a book "LENIN" by Robert Service (2000) of over 500 pages her name is not mentioned. It even appears the assasin was not captured (!).
S-theater 'counted' : a hub of people (big or small) near a post box or paper recycling bins near Morrisons supermarket. Yesterday, as I saw predictable milling (cars and pedestrians) I stopped, holding my waste paper to count - 15 comings and goings in less than a minute. Emptiness before and after. I suppose they could not sustain that as they were taken unawares.
Must be a generational occupation locally - from young children to pensioners.
I surprise them from time to time, but they are very 'slow'. I also wrote about it before saying they are not as invisible as they think, including their handlers, majority of whom are so called
mad women.
I shall quote Quentin Letts in the "Migrant Issues in Britain" on Expatica German Forum now.

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