Wednesday, 7 November 2007

(nr. 76 ) 7th of November ... I am going to ask them in the JCPLUS
at an interview in 15 min. time to make the wording of the new contract I signed more precise. 3 coloured cards offering 3 weeks trial (no salary) were given to me by Annie (who wouldn't give me her surname) who said I should be taking them to interviews and give them to employers.
To cont. today. -
The contract (I was told it's an 'agreement', not a contract) remains the same, but clarified by Sharon (she wouldn't give me her name because 'it's unusual') as follows: if I apply for the job, which I really like and know that I can do, I should enclose the card ( I asked for more and now have 12 ) into the envelope with the CV.
The card actually says:
"I could work for you for a trial period of up to 15 working days.
A Work Trial will give you the opportunity to get to know me and see what I can do.
- You will incur no wage costs or expenses during the trial
- There is no fuss and minimum paperwork
- You get the time to decide if I am right for the job
- There is no obligation if the trial doesn't work out.
In return, I will be able to show you what I can do before you make your decision.
Please contact: JCP Walpole Road, Gosport ... 023 9220 2000 (Kath Rooney) ".
Annie (who did not give me her surname because 'I am the only Annie here') said she would not apologize, because she was 'just doing her work' (re: false allegations about my 'not applying' for 2 jobs.) She admitted 'it turned out' that I did apply and did go for an interview arranged by them. Another interesting detail: she absentmindedly placed my jobsearch report into a file on her desk instead of giving it back to me. In fact I thought there was smth. unusual about the way she handled papers, so I checked and discovered the missing a4.
More about today's interview in a couple of days.

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