Thursday, 8 November 2007

(nr. 77 ) My APPEAL posted this morning 1st class, with a cert. posting - which I get for everything now, as you can't trust those people. Absolutely not.
Yesterday I went back to the JCPlus to ask if the 3 vacancies "Sharon" had printed out was all she has chosen (it would be in comp.file). One 'med. admin' job she has read out to me was in QA hospital in Portsmouth. Olga's daughter might still be working there. [ Our meeting and tel. conversations with Olga, which did not go so well, was one remarkable instance of the details flying to Moscow and the Hague with the speed of light...] In short, Sharon said "We (?) decided it was too far" She did not tell me. Another potential occusation of 'not applying' ?
I'll make a separate appeal(s) re: Housing and Council Tax Benefit deductions that result(ed) from the JSA deduction (week 13-19 Sept. 2007) today/tomorrow.
I'll post on Expatica later today. The latest and all posts can be seen by clicking on 'hantser' and then on 'all posts by hantser'.

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