Friday, 9 November 2007

(nr. 78 ) NO APPEAL is necessary, I am told this morning re: Housing and Council Tax, because not only they resumed payments, but "the one week gap is filled already".
I have just asked a man in the library, whom I saw a few times before, if he has lived/worked in the Hague, and he said 'no'. It's just one of those things, smb. looking like smb. else. I mean a man I saw almost regularly on bus 4 going to Mariahoeve from the CS a few years ago, whose demeanor and the umbrella he was carrying attracted my attention. Well, it was somebody else.
THE TEXT OF MY APPEAL (against the decision by E. Lamont made 10 October, 2007 ) which I posted to PO Box 108 ( Fareham LM DMA Sector Office).

1. I was "actively seeking employment" in 13-19 Sept. 07 period.
I can make my case.

2. No official statement of reasons was made by S.Simpson.

3. I have filled "Part Two" questionnaire (on the spot), which
does not apply to me.

4. I have not seen Part One.

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