Wednesday, 21 November 2007

(nr.88) I have just posted in German Expatica "Migrant Issues..." I shall post the link to Henry Makow's article when I find it.
My appt. with "Annie" in the JobCentrePLUS is moved (after 45 min.!) to tomorrow with "Sharon" at 10 a.m.
(I was asked to look for courses 'to upgrade' my qualifications and bring samples of my cv last time).
Annie wouldn't have me write down her questions (and note my answers). I have a very good note/record of both her questions, my answers and her reactions.
It is all "scripted" as they call it. Those who implement "the scripts" however are often out of their depth, if that is the right expression.
The discourse comes straight out of A. Chehov and Kafka.

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