Thursday, 22 November 2007

(nr.89) Admirals - how many? I wrote this summer about 'one' experience at the end of the Gate to Work training course in Portsmouth. A 'mature' fellow participant, who first introduced himself as a classical labourist, brought The Telegraph newspaper article for me to read (with Oleg Gordievsky's letter to the Editor). When I asked him why he buys/reads The Telegraph, he said it comes 'free' because his neighbour (or landlord) is an admiral, who subscribes to it. May be a ficticious admiral, but worth mentioning.
I just posted in the Dutch and German Expatica Forums (re: Telegraaf...)
My interview in the JobCentrePLUS with Sharon today lasted 30 munutes.
Skipping (sordid) details, the direct outcome is my promise to INVESTIGATE if there are indeed so-called BARRIERS to my finding employment. It's a hugely important word and term of the NWO soc.eng.
Letters are going out to Cheryl Heron of Bridgemary School in Gosport (on NUT advice I accepted five thousand pounds and did not take them to court for false and malicious allegations against me), our MP Peter Viggers, whom I met and corresponded with (with little result),
"Mr. Robinson" again, and so on.
The Appeal and Complaint(s) are in progress.
ANY interview (I knew that from Holland) of any importance is 'recorded for training purposes', and the spread or distribution of info increases in geometric proportion due to technological advance.
The lecturer yesterday ( Portsmouth, PhySoc), it turns out, collects uniform buttons among other things. Very interesting!

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