Friday, 23 November 2007

(nr. 90 ) Absurd legislation eventually to outline UNIONS - North American Union, EU, Asian, African, with the same people on top ?
And each country feels "guilty and angry" with yet another absurd development ?

What I personally see is a collective face of the ORIGINAL BRITISH BOLSHEVISM.
Weren'they always telling 'us' that we got it wrong, that their ideas were corrupted?
Any -ism can either be improved or completely perverted depending on the TYPE OF PEOPLE RUNNING IT .
Live versions of political satire. I wonder if they are paid for each act of 'theater'.

Today's paper:
After one of my posts about the former head of MI5, a neighbour downstairs introduced himself and 'his Polish wife Lydia". I never saw them again.
They were repeating (?) this morning a radio programme with HER (Dezert Island Discs). I am not interested in this stuff.
So, somewhere they wrote her husband (?) was
an Irish academic who has been "RETRAINED as a CARPENTER"....

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