Monday, 26 November 2007

(nr. 91 ) Oligarhs+ ? Why do we hear so much less from/about them ? Locally, the "Portsmouth owner" (local paper ref.) is Sasha Gaidamak. Roman Abramovich's name was mentioned during lecture re: Chernobyl, while Ukraine, I thought is more of the sphere of influence for Mr. Berezovsky (mathematician and systems analyst). And Roman Abramovich ? His domain is Far East and may be so much "forgotten" Israel nr. One (capital Birobidjan) not so far away in Siberia. In the Litvinenko documentary yesterday Dr. (?) Alexander Goldfarb read out (?) what A. Litvinenko dictated to him on his deathbed. No video camera or tape recorder to document dying man's testimony ? And Mr. Zhirinovsky still going strong?....
HA ! Here is an example of how tables can be turned in a miriad of cases in future: those omnipresent cameras and bugging devices will tell us what BBC or other big media were too shy to tell us. As someone said: it's never deleted.
Which reminds me of smth. we almost have forgotten, i.e. that you don't need a so-called Internet provider to 'plug in'. Which is how (?) arch-criminals access the net.
High-Tech harassment discussed on the RMN today in:
As for the Social Security numbers, I noticed that parts of 'Fiscaal' numbers seemed to replicate 'bio' or key dates for an individual. In fact that is good, but it should be explicit (the codes).
My UK Social Security Number (NIN) is SC 75 65 09 B .

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