Tuesday, 27 November 2007

(nr. 92 ) Guess what ? This morning, determined to post the reply form of the Appeal prior to other correspondence as noted online, I spent good 8.5 hours searching for that large packet and did not find it .... . I'll be asking for the copy asap if I don't find it (in which case I wonder if they'd edit their story). As discussed with (dr.) Leonid Timouchouk a few years ago, one sometimes keeps searching for papers and finds it only after an exaustive search, somewhere in the very last pile of papers or right in front of you. It happens.
That packet is not a small object like a bank card, which I managed to 'drop' somewhere in the (High ?) Street recently.
The 2weeks JSA payment which normally is in the account early Sat. morning, was credited some time today. During the interview with "Sharon" (who still refuses to tell me her surname, but assured me she is not Sharon Baird) she refused to check the jobsearch report and enter the (fin) transaction in the beginning, but started by asking me "the questions". She actually shouted, and her speech and her behaviour reminded me of the BBC correspondenent's experience with the Scientology scum.
It's 15.28 and the Library computers work (unlike on some recent occassions), but not the Printers. I'd normally print out my daily post.
PS - The printer IS working. The fresh nicely printed notice apparently misled others as well.
PPS - I have an 11.40 appt. tomorrow in the JobCentrePLUS. It should normally be next week, i.e. fortnightly. I'll post tomorrow afternoon (my recent pattern has been blogging in the mornings).

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