Wednesday, 28 November 2007

(nr.93) I am very special ! One of only TWELVE people who are registered with the Gosport JobCentrePLUS as jobseekers for longer than 18 months. Wow! Only some ten weeks ago they were issuing 30 letters a month (?), the kind that led to "invesigation" in my case and one week deduction, which I am appealing against currently.
They however have no statistics for people working illegally or having illegal (cash in hand) income. Some of that category actually 'support' foreign workforce.
I wished to meet those 12 (11 actually) people, but was told it's not possible. The figures were revealed to me so as to "explain why they are so concerned about my case".
Next appt. Wed. December 5 at 1.50 (2.00). The PhysSoc lecture is in Portsmouth that day.
NB ! The most difficult posting for me (well over an hour) was on Expatica - about a documentary about Mr. Zhirinovsky and oil price disputes. At some point one or two people emerged looking at me disapprovingly (part of the so-called theatrics).
Isn't it so incredibly complicated? This Sunday the documentary about Litvinenko has shown
a very cross Mr. Zhirinovsky, who went on about those terrible Brits and MI6, yet he seems to have some friends or technical support here in Gosport (library).
Many more questions than answers.
I have misspelled Leonid's name, who helped me a lot with my very first website
(this one is number 3).
He is Dr. L.A. Timochouk.

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