Monday, 17 December 2007

(nr.99) DARPA and TIL Surveyor: last week two articles appeared on and were archived quickly.

1. "Londoners Interrogated Over Journey Plans"
by Paul Joseph Watson.
Is TIL - 'total information log' or 'travel information london'?
Reminded me of sarin gas incident years ago in Moscow metro/underground re: Aum Sinrike(?)cult, whose members were asked to indicate on their m. forms the nearest metro station they use.

2. "DARPA's Control Freak Technology" by Kurt Nimmo:

LifeLog (may come under different names) has been going for a long time. How about unlimited free tel calls to certain countries on certain days, invitations by a British Museum (?) for people to log their dreams, "trainers" asking people to write CVs 25 pages long ?
Next post Friday 21 December 2007.
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