Monday, 14 January 2008

(nr. 101) Expatica, Masons, etc.

Some comments on the "new" Expatica website: it seems 'robo' spam registrations are still there judging from the numbers 'registered'; the design resembles the ill-fated Olympic Logo - the fragmentation, the absence of a CENTER part i. e. text to read, lack of structure and cohesion, forums being hidden, etc. The neurological effect is akin to the text-book case of a chicken who goes into hypnotic stupor when a chalk line is drawn in front of it. Who invented those horrid split 'double' screens and projections?
Having mentioned TY company ( ) when TEDDY BEAR story was discussed on Expatica (one member is called 'mikeyt') I discovered teddy bear scenarios in an unexpected place i.e. Masonic charities websites. Gosport Masonic Hall is on Clarence Road and next to the St. Matthews Court where I live, so I decided to find out more about them. Interesing! They are actually Prince of Wales Lodge No.1705 in Gosport UK.
Just two links: and
My Appeal against DWP/JSP decision (my first Legal DIY) went well, i.e. "appeal allowed".
Morrisons supermarket seemed like a 'sick building' to me for some minutes on the 23rd of December.
Wrong parkings over holidays: N-719-DCR, FP54 EPO and YD05DCY.
My next post this Thursday, 17 January 2008.

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