Thursday, 17 January 2008

(nr. 102 ) PPF ... ? Progressive Policies Forum is hard to find (may be they did not keep written records etc.) , but there are a few PP(F) references to pension protection and what not. Funds, foundations, forums, financial smth.
I did not find what ppf stands for in a PPF in . However, PROGRESSIVE POLICIES are all about Globalization, The Third Way, New Democrat (institute), New Labour.
The map of "work zones" found on the DWP website however makes one think about ....
GULAG, (hard) work correction camps, ... New Labour Camps ?
I wrote in 2002 on a THES forum, which does not exist any more, that the so called Third Way, far from being the Golden Middle/the best of the 2 systems, presents the worst of the 2 ' -isms'.
On a very interesting article by
Mike Adams - ( printable version) :
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