Thursday, 24 January 2008

(nr. 103 ) Female Pedophiles - Charles Montaldo, a private investigator, gives a "small sample" of 45 cases on :

The Pink Triangles Katherine Griggs talked about in her interview(s) "Desperate Wives" go hand in hand with Black Triangles (I asked the question in Expatica months ago):

And here comes SODOM on EARTH: pro-pedophile activism -

I have made a note in the nr. 2 post "Go Expatica", as Expatica is at present is more of a "Don't go there" kreatura. I shall add smth. there (nr.2) today. I certainly did not subscribe to the free newsletter, which I found in my e-mail box today.
The JobCentrePLUS has recommended a SAFE (dot org/ 5-weeks course: starting January 30, every Wednesday and Thursday for 5 weeks at St. Mary the Virgin Church, Rowner Lane, Gosport. It is acknowledged that I am outside categories catered for, but may find it interesting and may help others.
A bit strange that "Choices and well-being" (the third option after STEPS and Get That Job) is not on their website yet.
My next post Monday 28 January 2008.

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