Monday, 28 January 2008

(nr. 104) I discovered an e-mail from Lech Biegalski (re: my post nr. 98 on Dec. 10, 2007) almost by accident. It was in the Junk Mail (!) box. I thought it strange that an e-mail with the "Your comments on education" from "Canada Watch" was categorized by the so-called artificial intelligence as a "junk". Or else, the two-legged variety of it was interfereing manually - moving messages or 'adjusting codes'. Filtering, may be ? Clicking on the e-mail produced an empty message - no content/text. I had such empty messages before. This time, I moved it to the In Box by clicking "Not a Junk" and was able to read it. I hope Lech receives my answer today without problems.
It is by no means the first or the only problem I experienced communicating on-line. Sometimes, it is more subtle, sometimes may go unnoticed.
Local and Global History - another surprise. I am still puzzled (culture shock) by the "Garter" in the history of the Order of the Garter and wondered if what is online is a complete story.
Here is a List of current members of the Order of the Garter:

Wrong parking: L842ADV - Fri. 18 Jan. , M306UGS - Mon. 21 Jan., HD030BH (Virgin Media van) - Wed. 23 Jan. , T428KLS - Sun. 27 Jan.
NB. I started recording the registration numbers after one weekend, when there was among other theatrics and and spate of coincidences a rather deliberate parking on "28" of a van of construction workers who were decorating or smth. in the flat opposite. It ended with my neighbour's car being parked there and his parking space being empty. Since my neighbour himself was away that weekend, I simply ignored it. It seemed like those en-masse recruited perps/snitchers.
My next post - this Friday, 1st February.

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