Monday, 11 February 2008

(nr. 107 ) Joan Veon wrote an interesting article about "Agenda 21".
Many a time some polititan or VIP would come up with an idea or a proposal, which is regarded as his/her own, while so often the origins are deep-rooted in a 'higher' authority, which is often United Nations (in turn started and run by people/personalities). Some young polititians move so fast because they are made to order (?) by much older ones (male or female). A Dutch magazine Elzevier published series of articles about controversial Pim Fortuin, who told the interviewer, that it was FPM Ruud Lubbers who first suggested that he should go into politics. Perhaps Ruud Lubbers had his own inspiration or support when he was young. Just a supposition. The link to "Sustainable Development, Agenda 21 and Prince Charles" by Joan Veon (Aug. 13, 2004) -
Watched recently "Falling Down" video (Michael Douglas) and wondered if there was some social engineering conducted in both East and West in the early eighties - some well established people at the top of government or private sector suddenly loosing their positions, because they are deemed economicaly or politicaly "not viable". I compared it with the Soviet film Chastnaya Zhizn (Private Life).
Another video I watched (for the first time) - 'West Side Story' gives some history of the 'mob multicultural' and men/women aspect of it.
ORWELL censored in a Russian translation !
I have Orwell's book "Burmese Days" in Dutch (only). So, having quoted from it in Dutch on my old website and having translated the quote into Russian, I decided to check the original English and official (?) Russian translation on the website. I stumbled into two interesting mis(?) translations: one is a "moderated" description of the old prostitutes in Chapter 5, another (I don't have the reference by hand) is the obscuration of U Po Kyin' strategic reasoning about the power/importance of expatriate women and wives. And the paradox is the translator is a woman - V.M. Domiteeva. We would not know if her translation was edited.
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a comment to your quote

"Another video I watched (for the first time) - 'West Side Story' gives some history of the 'mob multicultural' and men/women aspect of it."

I would just like to inform you that this film was made for the kid's it is FICTIONAL film.