Monday, 4 February 2008

(nr. 106 ) Some news from the British Media:

1. The Daily Telegraph (NB: I have not received any feedback from the Dutch counterpart, De Telegraaf, apart from 'uw bericht is verzonded' acknowledgement re: Expatica Forum).
Sat. Feb. 3, 2008 : David Freud, 58 (Sigmund Freud is his great-grandfather), the investment banker, has radical solutions for the "labour market", proposing that the private sector be put in charge of the long-term unemployed, among other things. The Incapacity/Disability cases are of particular concern.
Mr. Freud was hired as an advisor by James Purnell, the new DWP Secretary (following resignation of Peter Hain).

2. The People (Sat. 3 Feb., 2008) headline "Did PM's anti-bombing jammer cut the engines on hol jet?" (powerful jammer is used to block remote control bombs).
Another headline - " 9 rapes on 3 boys: royal butler held".
Paul Kidd (54) , faces 18 charges. Kidd was the Queen's personal butler for four years from 1976 and was then senior footman to the Queen Mother.
I shall post next Monday: 11 February.

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