Tuesday, 17 June 2008

( nr 137 ) ROSS PEROT has a new website: http://www.perotcharts.com/ , where video and links to his presentation do not work, when accessed using Hampshire County UK library computers (I tried yesterday and today).
The Irish Times today has "EU ministers say Ireland will not be excluded from union" by Jamie Smyth and Stephen Collins on its front page - http://www.ireland.com/
Two things I found remarkable about Bill Clinton: his legalization of homosexuals in the military as his first legislation in his high office, reportedly (as I remember) as a kind of a deal struck in pre-election campaign. Secondly, his transformation or metamorphose during the legal testimony during that Levinski (Polish name ?) trial. He was so collected, technical, lucid (?), which was almost the opposite of his (often seen and commented on by Ross Perot) tipsy-like demeanor or expression.
As for Monika Levinski herself, she actually exerted pressure on him, or simply tried to secure a certain post/position in the United Nations, which wasn't commented on.
Well, I may as well recall a documentary, in which Hilary said she was the first to spot Bill and make the first move. Very assertive.
Wrong parking: XH-02-DWV today.
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