Monday, 16 June 2008

( nr.136 ) It's a small world ! A longish link to "Bill Clinton's Road to Moscow" by Fedora of dated 8/24/2007 -

Oleg Rakito was a popular and omnipresent figure in the Faculty of Journalism, Moscow University. I heard the name 'Victor Lewis! Oh, ha-ha-ha!... ' without any details from my ex-husband a few times. Must be the same V.Y.Lui aka Victor Louis.
Rakito always sounded Italian to me, but I found the name on Estonian translation of a book by E.Ikonnikov-Tsipulin:

And where is Natasha (nee) Ikonnikova now?
Wrong parking - X-633-VPA- Thurs., June 12.
Next post tomorrow June 17.

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