Saturday, 5 July 2008

( nr 143 ) ALEX ALLAN news yesterday: the radio mentioned "circumstances surrounding .... not deemed/seen as suspicious". I bought "The Sun" newspaper in the morning, which had huge letters on its frontpage: SUPERSPY IN COMA MYSTERY - Poison probe as our top spook collapses. The 'Full Story' by John Kay on page nine has a title: RUSSIAN POISON, SUICIDE BID ... OR DEADLY DISEASE?
The digital version has a different title: Did Russians or al-Qaeda poison Britain's top spy? -
I recall differences on 2 other occasions: the picture of the New Forest MP was not in the digital version of Daily Echo article about Simon Mann, and the picture of Hilary Clinton as a child with her parents was not in the digital version of The Times (?) article.
Some interesting discussions on the RMN forum about "aliens", faces, perceptions and mind control. The original post "Faceless Aliens..." :
see also ( ... read=127422) and (... read=127417)
Many people experience(d) seeing lookalikes, clones(?). Real THEATER - with dress, make-up, mannerisms, body language. The striking similarity (or partial similarity) is often achieved from a particular angle, distance and with only part of the face or body seen.
Radio 4 a few months ago: experiments via adoption agency involved 2 twins separated (at birth?) and given to extremly different (class-wise) families.
The huge and growing database from cctv can be (mis-)used to digitaly construct/superimpose or simulate real people and their behaviour. The fallout or 'gift' to terrorists? False evidence or alibi as the case may be. This 'duplication' may confuse honest and unsuspecting people. DIGITAL is the way to an unknown and dangerous. You can't hold it, it may change next second. Digital money can't be counted. There were tv ads at one time, when faces were synthetically transformed n times: age, gender, race, etc. in a few seconds.
CCTV (can) work two ways (?). CCTV can/do talk to people. Their 'voices' can be inaudible, but affect the brain.
Faces of people on a football stadium can be zoomed into. Are insects' eyes prototypes of multiple or distributed cameras ? I only recall school biology lesson. May be wrong here.
By the way, since we hear so much about possible emergencies, football fans should remember their family members are at home.
GAP FIRE reaches critical stage:
Some word play: orange=red+yellow (fool?)- Orange revolution in Ukraine- Mr.Berezovski/Putin - IV (Iduschie Vmeste) . Id.Vm. can roughly be translated as Common Purpose. Their site is no more. How old are those young people now? There was a lot of controversy about their sponsors/mentors and training.
Among numerous Gosport Charities are Children of Chernobyl and Beslan. The wife of Hampshire police Chief is Ukranian. Nato-Ukraine is mentioned on our MP (since 1974) Peter Vigger's website. He is actively supporting Bridgemary School . Re: 24/7 innnovation, ability and not age, i.e. "age does not matter", etc.
By the way, the last time I checked "Gosport" on wikipedia, there was praise of Chery Heron' innovation, St.Vincent College/link was hidden, but the other A-level college (Bay House School) was there. The Patron is Princess Anne (?).
Wrong parking today: NG-51-LWV.
Next post next Thursday, July 10 or earlier.

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