Monday, 7 July 2008

( nr 144 ) Tiny Trivia, but ... Today, seconds after I stepped onto the Gosport Ferry (and I was almost the last passenger), I decided I might need the ticket for travel refund, so I 've asked for it. I wouldn't have asked, if the last (number 10) punch was not done in my sight. It was, though it had to be made at the right angle to the previous one. Focus-pokus ! The man's hand had bits of white and red single tickets, but my green/brown one was not there.
Well, I just wonder what had happened. No, the ticket could not have been thrown away into the litter bin - it was behind me and there was no time. Why am I writing this ? Pondering why smb. might have needed my used, i.e. useless ticket, I wondered if it was ... my fingerprints.
This place cultivates anything but trust in people and their intentions.
PS. Last year I heard (radio 4) about one well-known barrister having no idea how his dna/fingerprints were found on a piece of evidence re: drug smuggling.
Sun newspaper, Friday, July 4, 2008. "Tory pal attacked": The man [Danny Kruger] behind David Cameron's hug-a-hoodie speech got a cut lip as he tried to stop HOODIES nicking a scooter. .... 'My memory is horrid - the spit-filled mouth of a little rat-faced boy who hit me. Short, white, in a grey-hooded tracksuit, he shouted at me with the rage of Cain - the most astonishing indignation.'
"Policy does not add up" article by Tony Gardiner about Mathematics and Science Education in THES (now renamed THE and without a forum) written in 2002/3 cannot be found in their digital archives. [Will they put it back? ... ] I did find there someone's response - criticism of Tony Gardiner and defence of the government.
Next post next Friday, July 11 or earlier.

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