Thursday, 10 July 2008

( nr 145 ) Just stopped my subscription to TopLanguageJobs e-mails as a result of receiving an e-mail "Language Specialists - MI6 Role". 19 languages are listed , "... you could help MI6 protect the UK's freedom and security". No comment.
Jenny Abramski (or Abramsky ?) of Radio 4/BBC steps down in September (?). She has had a very smooth career in the Medea. Just wondering.
PS (14:56) There is a lot already publicised about Mind Control programmes in America. Much less info about Britain, where a similar abomination had a name "Matchbox". A friend in Moscow had her mother working in a "Spichki" magazine/zhournal. Any coincidences here? Here is a link to RMN post about MEDUSA etc.-
Some of the mysterius new lingo in Russia during the controlled demolition of the system was BORODEIKA and SOVOK/SOVKA. Hmm, sov.oc. may be ?
Wrong Parking: X-659-BYD Mon.7July and W-559-AKR Tue.8July.
Next post Monday 14 July or earlier.

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