Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Family AND Civil Union.

( nr 351 ) In the wake of Homosexual Mafia 300 pages long report by Three Cardinals in VATICAN and the under-reported World ANGLICAN conference, which was all about so-called homosexual rights and homosexual "marriages", here is the case from London High Court:
Mrs Justice Andrews  ruled that the Government's refusal of their demand was not unlawful and not in breach of their human rights to private life and family life.
The 'heterosexual' (?) couple Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan want ... the same rights as gay and lesbian couples to a civil union. They are .... against marriage.
[ Wed. 3 Feb.2016] - Four (five) new scans came on top of the Daily Mail article I posted yesterday.
SKIPTON, North Yorkshire, England, UK. Note Otley Street, Skipton Center.
Scipton Law Courts ( Skipton County Court and Family Court) , Skipton Police Station,
Julie Bridgman - Partner and Head of Family at "awbCharlesworth Solicitirs",
 Fiona Moore of Moore Family Law, 28 Rectory Lane, Skipton, BD23 1ER.
Other firms: Witalskis (sp?), Blackwell (sp?), etc.
I WROTE a LETTER to Carl Les dated Thurs. 9 July, 2015, with letter to my GP Dr. D. Chilvers attached. He is the Leader, North Yorkshire County Council and incredibly, the sole member of
North Yorkshire Police and Crime panel. I had a brief discussion with the Skipton Library staff about it, also about Jack Straw , who made Masonic Membership for Police compulsory (wikipedia).
They told me I should not beleive all Wikipedia writes. A woman cashier in Skipton Morrisons supermarket had asked me: Are you still all right ?
 That is following " xxx xxx Bramall" earlier that day.
Interesting pub Cross Keys (?) faces Skipton Police Station. The pub sign echoes semantics linked to Holland and Pennock family. Should check spellings.
10:44 [14:28 cont.] - SWITALSKIS solicitors of 2a Darley Street, Bradford BD 1 3HH, ref. letter of 25 Nov. 2015 (ref AB/AD/327400/01). By the way, Katia (?) Zatuliveter former asst. to MP Mike Hancock (sp?) did her Masters in International/Busness Rel. in Bradford.
My letter to Dr. D. Chilvers dated 2 May 2015 was followed by 'reminder' dated 22 May 2015 and finally, by an e-mail from me headed "Not even an acknowledgment ?" (check date).
Dutch Parlement demands answers today by 16:00 from the Ministry of Security and Justice.
Reports of wistleblowers in the Ministry denied promotion and demoted, etc. -
Centre for Counter Fraud Studies (Portsmouth Uni.) ? Seems as bad as RICS (ref. my letter to Vice-Chancellor: Fake Royal Institution? ).
[ Fri.5 Feb. 2016] - The so-called Conference (see CCFS Portsmouth Uni.just above ) as I was told by the organiser, shall not publish Proceedings, allocates 20 minutes to speakers and they ( CCFS) are going to make recordings of the speakers' presentations . Stalls are 500 pounds each. Presenters shall be rewarded (?) by not having to pay registration fee (not specified).
INTERNET ACCESS would NOT be PROVIDED at the conference.
Have they made some changes on their website? I saw someone the first time I went to St.Georges building who resembled the man (and behaved like) the one at the Cosham Business Conference years ago. In Cosham he wrongly assumed I did not see him watching me, as he sat against the window. In Portsmouth I stopped to pick some leaflets in the corridor upstairs, and his office desk happenned to be, was just 'behind'. This week when I had difficulty printing from Min. of Justice website, access to one document was blocked (hacked) with name containing homosexual (?) swear word.
Mobster Malnik and Sisters international at work?
[ Sat.6 Feb. 2016 ] - I have a scan of Mobster Malnik and friends somewhere on my website(s). I posted it around the time news came HE WANTED CASTODY OF MICHAEL JACKSON's CHILDREN. I also remember his face gone 'krinkly' on the printout. The hacked (?) document from the British Ministry of Justice website(s) which was blocked had url beginning with MOJO. The word has a second meaning. A few black and white people were around, I am sure unsuspecting of what was going on.
 ICT, internet are endemically (?) infiltrated by organized criminals (incl. military mob) and are not safe. See Promis software and Danny Casolaro case in US.
 Despite this Portsmouth Courts are going ....DIGITAL.
In the case of a Russian engineer (military satellite communications) Alexander Dolmatov, his sudden transfer to deportation prison ( where he was found hanged ) was a COMPUTER 'mistake', and I remember a number of about 300 mentioned as affected by wrongful entry/transfer of data on Police/Prison computers. Dolmatov was not as 'lucky' as Snowden.
Holland,  ICT-politie :
Land and property grab? PPDS quotes ... RICS. (cont.)
[ Tue. 9 Feb. 2016} I wrote a letter to Port. Uni. Vice Chancellor:" Fake Royal Institution ? " to which I received a remarkable reply. Portsmouth Property Development Society invites students to many events (pub nights out, etc.) where they would network ...to improve their employment chances. PPDS likens itself to RICS.
More Polish neighbours? ... Polish pilots in Yorkshire in WW2, Polish bus drivers in Gosport, Polish plumbers, and of course, good Polish people.
Two bicycles in communal/storage area and now a pair of boots outside flat 25, create kommunalka, Soviet time communal appartments atmosphere... .
October 2010 posts were difficult to post: one nr 276 was crushed :
[ Wed.10 Feb.2016] - My mistake above! The first link ( to 276) corrected. Next post 278:
Jeffrie Epstein:
Yougoslavia Plus:
NO entry in Russian for Jeffrie Epstein (in 331):
Good Info on http://davidshurter.com
Over 100 mafia members arrested in Italy today:
Communist Goal: promote degeneracy, homosexuality, promiscuity (link in 309):

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